Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Zombies: They're Baack!

One reason the banned … uh … forbidden and limited list … is so intriguing is its potential to resurrect long lost archetypes.  Infernities, Blackwings, and maybe even X-sabers appear poised to return to the big stage.   Of course, not all doolists react with the same nostalgia.  Some of us may be having flashbacks.  My first FTK and OTK in the same duel came to the hands of an Infernity player. Blackwings also stick in my caw since I entered the game when they were still a tier one deck. 

Zombies, on the other hand, are like the love one experiences when thinking of the cookies your mom made for you.  It was my first deck and one that I always try to resurrect.  But now, thanks to Konami, there is a real chance.  Macro at one, D fissure at one, Soul drain at one.  Yessirree, it’s a zombie party!

Overcoming the Neg 1 Special Summon
The main problem facing zombie duelists is the “neg 1” special summon.  Zombie Master is a great card; he is, after all, the master.  However, when you use him to bring out a monster for synchro or XYZ summon, you are essentially replacing 2 cards for one monster.  If that monster gets hit, you’re bleeding card advantage.  Synchro summoning tends to be better if you can work in Goblin Zombie.  At least, you’ll get to search out a card.  Unfortunately, Konami ruled early on that sending XZY material to the grave did not activate GZ’s effect.  The ruling was probably aimed at Sangan, but everywhere Zombie Duelists got a bit teary.  As a result of these mechanics, Zombies have always been better at synchro summoning.  

Of course, Zombie decks do have some great cards.  Book of Life doesn’t completely make-up for the Neg 1 summon but adding three Monster Reborns to the deck is pretty good … and you can remove a card from your opponents graveyard.   Say good bye to Bujingi Turtle.  

So to all of the Yugioh duelists out there I say, “Zombies … we’re back from the dead and we’re pissed”

The Deck List
This is a very aggressive deck list.  The goal is to make level 8 synchro monsters as quickly as possible. This group of special summons monsters remains the best in the game.  To do so, we will take advantage of Destiny Hero Malicious or D’licious.  This monster easily summons another level 6 D’licious, which can be combined with Plague Spreader or Krebons.  This strategy requires getting him into the grave quickly before another copy is drawn.  In the past, duelists have relied on D Draw, but I don’t like it.  Using D Draw requires putting in more Heroes, which takes away from the strategy.  Instead, I would use Lavavalval Chain, Foolish Burial, and Zombiemaster.  Armageddon Knight is reasonable if you wanted to focus on more darks.  

There are not a lot of traps in this deck.  The beginning of the format should see a lot of people playing 3 MSTs.  I decided to give them fewer targets.  I am moving to hand traps, especially Swift Scarecrow, to buy a little time.  Zombies do take a little set up so be prepared to take some damage – but that is so zombie-like.  They beat you, cut you, and try to destroy you … and you keep coming back.  

I have included Creature Swap, which I think is the card of the format.  It doesn’t target and you have so many lovelies to give to your opponent.  In addition to Pyramid Turtle and Goblin Zombie, Malevolent Mech can burn them for 2400.  Burial from a Different Dimension not only allows you recycle Mezuki but it can stop your opponents Dark Armed Dragon play.

So here’s the list:

Zombie Master x 2
Goblin Zombie x 3
Malevolent Mech Goku En x 2
Mezuki x 2
Plaque Spreader x 2
Spirit Reaper x 1
Pyramid Turtle x 2
Krebons x 2

D’licious x 3
Swift Scare Crow x 3
Maxx C x 2
Redox x 1

Book of Life x 3
Burial from a Different Dimension x 1
E Tele x 2
Foolish Burial x 1
Dark Hole x 1
Creature Swap x 2
Lance x 3
Allure of Darkness x 1

Trap Stun x 3

This deck focuses on earths, which allows me to play Redox.  That is a great card for bringing back your synchro summons.  You can pitch it with Mezuki to bring out one monster and then remove Mezuki to bring out a second.  Nevertheless, there are several variations of this deck. You can use Effect Veilers and add another Malevolent Mech. Some will also add Dimensional Alchemist.  This will give you at least 6 lights to go along with your darks … and that means BLS time.  You can also drop the earth monsters and add more darks for your own Dark Armed plays. The decision is pretty reasonable because Pyramid Turtle is pretty slow and not one of my favorites. 

The extra deck should have a limited number of XYZ monsters.  Pearl and Ouroboros work well for Evilswarms.  Maestroke is a good chump blocker and possibly Black Ship to get rid of pesky monsters like Gachi Gachi.  Level 6 synchros remain fairly weak.  Orient dragon may make a comeback now that synchro summoning is back.  Hades is usually in the deck because he is a Book of Life Target.

The extra deck can be full of mischief.  MSTs will be needed because people will side in Shadow Imprisoning.  I will probably try Zombie World because it can causes havoc with decks that rely on type. I'll also side in Return from a Different Dimension since I suspect my opponents to try to remove may monsters.  DD Crow may see a comeback; Debunk will also be around.  But fear not ... those zombies just keep coming and coming and coming .... A hahaha.


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