Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mistake Free Harpies

The new F&L list may have ushered in the meta of impotent anti-meta cards.  Stopping special summoning has little effect on decks that rely on fortifying their normal summoned monster.  Are you really going to play Maxx “C” or Vanity’s Emptiness against Bujins or Noble Knights?  I suspect most of these cards are going back into your binder.  What about anti-trap cards?  Trap Stun and Forbidden Lance used to be a staple in my decks.  However, many of the quick effect monsters make these cards much less useful.  Who wants to set, activate, and resolve a trap card when a monster can do the same thing more efficiently?  

Enter the last of the great anti-meta cards: Mistake.  This card will be a real headache for many of the top-tiered and mid-tiered decks.  In fact, so many decks rely on searching that Sangan must be wondering why he is relegated to the underworld for searching out 1500 ATK point monsters … and he had to go to the graveyard to do it!  

Of the likely competitive decks, I think Harpies is the only one that can play this card effectively. Mistake does shut down Queen and Sign searches so one needs to play smart.  However, the deck also has some outs to this card.  

So without any further ado, here's Mai deck list:
Harpie Lady #1 3
Phantasmal Dragon 1
Harpie Queen 3
Ice Beast 2
Harpie Channeller  3
Chidori 2
Harpie Dancer 1
Dire Wolf 1
Mist Valley Falcon 2
Maestroke 1
Abyss Dweller 2
Eswarm Hraesvelg 1
Exciton Knight 1
DD Crow 2
Black Rose 1
Gale 1
Fairy Dragon 1
Zephyros 1
Blackship 1

Big Eye 1
Pet Dragon 1
Dracossack 1
Dark Simorgh 2

Hunting Ground 3
DD Crow 1
Hysteric Sign 3
Light Imprisoning 3
Magic Planter 2
DNA Surgery  3
Elegant Egotist 1
Swallow's Nest 1
Soul Drain 1

Rivalry 2
Debunk 2
Mistake 3
Transmigration Prophecy 1
Hysteric Party 3

Divine Wrath 2

Icarus Attack 2

        COTH       1

Deck  Notes
  1. Mistake x 3
  2. Harpie Monsters x 11: Since Divine Wind is now limited, I saw no reason to play Dancer at three.  This card does have utility in knocking out back row cards when Hunting Ground is on the field.  The Channeler into Pet Dragon play is still the strongest opening move of the deck.
  3. MV Falcon x 2: One way to play around your own Mistake is to destroy it by summoning a Harpie.  However, negging yourself is not a good practice.  MVF allows me put it in my hand and reset it.
  4. Dark Simorgh and friends x 7: Ghostricks, Chain Burn, and Raccoon decks melt in the presence of Simorgh.  However, I am more concerned about Fire Fists.  This deck gets around Mistake but it can’t get around the big fellow.  For this card to work, you need to have dark monsters.  D.D.Crow is a nice fit since it is effective against Fire Kings, Dark World, and in the mirror match.  Evilswarm Hraesvelg is an uncommonly used card but it’s also winged beast, which makes Icarus Attack live. 
  5. Standard Harpie Spells/Traps x 10: The only change compared to previous builds was increasing Party from two to three. As you can see, I don’t play a lot of Sign discard outlets.  I’ve never liked to pitch cards.
  6. Magic Planter and COTH x 3: I don’t know why people don’t play Planter.  Allure and Trade-In have their fans.  Planter, on the other hand, can thin the deck by two cards after the card has given you an advantage.  I have 7 continuous traps in the deck so it has a reasonable chance of being live.  I also have 9 continuous traps in my side deck.
  7. Very Good cards x 5: People don’t always read Icarus Attack.  This is especially true when you tribute a face down monster.  I have 20 winged beasts so the card is always live.  Divine Wrath may be the card for the meta.  Check out SSJason's exposition for a more elegant explanation.  The last card is Swallow’s Nest.  This card gives me access to MV Falcon and can put a dark in the graveyard.  SN can also get to Dark Simorgh if Pet Dragon and Channeler are on the field 

… and so begins the march to YCS Atlanta! There is much testing that needs to be done, but this is a pretty good start.


  1. I love your take on the deck. Really nice anti-meta vibe. The problem with mistake though is it's not as good against certain decks as you would like.As it only stops deck to hand, which means FF monsters will still be able to use their effects, which sucks :(
    I've personally never liked icarus in harpies, cards is inconsistent. I always have it and never want it. However you do run more Wing-beasts than me and you could even set Crow if desperate so it probably works better.
    I'm not sure if you're adding consistency or adding inconsistent cards to boost your consistency. Hmm...I might have to try your deck out.
    Of course I'll always wish you gl and hope you win!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I agree with the FF comment. My friend Simorgh may not be enough. I will probably drop Icarus for Fiendish Chain. I noticed you used it your Zombie deck. It would bring the continuous trap count to 9 making Planter live. I could also side 1 copy of Mistake (and bring the deck count to a nice 40 cards). BTW, continuous trap cards work well with Zerofyne

      I meant to put in HL #1 - geez what a typo,

    2. Strated testing this on devpro and then editing out what worked and what didn't. I ended up with basically pure Harpie, but then thought about it more and realised mistake shows promise and tried it again with it and it seems to work.
      Thoughts so far: Crow is horrible. Never once did anything positive and cost me a few games. Swallows nest was Ok for stealing games, falcon has been a bit win-moarish, icarus was horrible, needed more legit traps, simorgh was often dead, mistake is both awesome and terrible, but for the expected meta IRL it should be more awesome and magic planter has been so-so. I'll continue to test.