Saturday, January 25, 2014

Battling Bujins

So how well do you know problem solving card text or PSCT?  Do you want a test?  Take a look at all the Bujins - one archetype can teach you just about every rule in Yugioh. 

Here's a summary of many of the Bujin monsters based on their texts.   
Activation Conditions: The text in front of the : Note that most require Beast Warriors, but not all. 
Activation Location: All the animals activate from the grave and all the birds from the hand
Activation Cost: The text between the : and ;
Target, Effect, Restrictions: Effects fall after the ;. These texts usually do not cause problems.
Damage Step: The only effects that can be activated in the damage step are those that modify ATK/DEF values, quick effects that negate activation of an effect or respond to an activation, and compulsory trigger effects
Quick Effect: The text will say "During either player's turn"
Lingering: These effects persist even if the target has changed.  In PSCT terms, when the effect is done to that "target", the card must remain as it was when it was targeted.  When the card effect is done to that "monster", the effect will linger. Hence, if you play Book of Moon on a Quilin target, your monster will stay. Playing BOM on a Hare target will have no effect. 
Miss Timing: These are cards that have a "when ... you can" text.  Chaining to these cards usually disrupt their effects. 

Got it? 
The utility of many of the cards that get sided in against Bujins varies greatly.  Here is my chart of some of the cards that I have considered.  A green box means the card is useful; a red box means its a bit of a waste. 
1: BOM must target the card that Quilin is targeting
2: This works as long as Baby Catastor is attacking - BTW, Baby Catastor is Ally of Justice Core Destroyer
3: If Quilin targets my Accelerator, the monsters are switched and then Accelerator dies.  

A few caveats, provisos, and warnings: Though I'm fascinated by the rules of this game, I am in no way an expert.  There are likely errors here.  I am happy to change them as they get pointed out. I also recognize that Bujin players don't play all of these cards and cards like LIM work well against the little general himself.  This is really an exercise in understanding the ins/outs of the game mechanics.  The more you know ... the better you'll do. 

... and yes, I really like Debunk.

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  1. This is excellent. We definitely need to see more things like this published that teach people how to overcome this deck.