Tuesday, April 15, 2014

CMG is here!

It’s new! It’s improved! Cyber Gears now come with Machina monsters!

Machine decks can fit pieces together like … well, machines. Consider Geargias and Karakuris or Gadgets and Machinas. These decks have a natural synergy. The Machinas also have synergy with the Cyber Gears and they fix a few problems. The first problem is dealing with dead Cyber Dragon Cores.  Searching for a “Cyber” card is great if you want to leave a 400 attack point monster on the field. Fortress allows you to pitch Core to summon itself. You give up the search but you have the ability to summon Cyber Dragon from the deck. Fortress also makes Cyber Eltanin a mini Monster Reborn.  Unless Fortress is bounced by a Spell or Trap, these are essentially plus one plays. 

Here’s the complete deck list:
Here are my thoughts on several of the cards I tested.

 Cards I like
  • Black Horn of Heaven: Black Horn was a favorite of mine in the Wind-Up days. In many ways, the current number of Rank 3 and 4 plays reminds me of that meta. The card is lousy against Bujins so maining it makes little sense.  However, having three in the side deck gives me the best chance to draw it in game 2 or 3.  
  • Debunk: I have always found this card useful.  However, the card really shines in the Bujin match-up. Fortunately, it is useful against Mermails and Fire Kings as well.
  • Trap Stun: Mind Crush is showing up in 2’s and 3’s in players’ side decks.  It’s a devastating card, particularly when used by an experienced player.  Lance does nothing in this setting. Trap Stun also enables OTKs, which is a part of this decks arsenal.
  • Rivalry of Warlords: One of the best cards of the format.  Rivalry keeps Pure Geargia from summoning anything but machines.  Great … all the more fodder for Chimeratech.  It also creates headaches for Madolches, Spirit decks, Evilswarms, and Constellars.

 Cards I don’t like
  •  Dark Bribe: The main purpose of this card is to maintain win conditions that can be disrupted by Spells or Traps.  The best example is the Malefic deck.  Unfortunately, DNA Surgery is not a win condition.  For the most part, Chimeratech Fortress Dragon lets you incrementally gain card advantage.  Dark Bribe gives that advantage away.
  •  Goldfish: Goldfish allows you to summon a 2200 attack point Abyss Dweller.  It’s a cute idea but I rarely get the time to search for it. Besides it’s a minus 1 XYZ.  With Mermails dropping in popularity I decided to use other cards.
  • Lance: Field spells continue to see a lot of play along with continuous spells like Kaiser Coliseum.  Lance does little against these types of cards.  With much reluctance, I am maining MST again. If you look over the top deck lists, you will see that I am not alone.

The plan is to take this deck to the Richmond regional. The deck is a bit busy, but this can cause problems for opponents. The unexpected can cause misplays.  I feel good about the decks chances against Bujins and Geargias.  Fire Fists and Spellbooks are probably pretty even.  Infernities and Dragon Variants will be a bit harder. There will also be the inevitable rogue Dark World deck. Still, it will be fun to play something that is a little different.

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