Monday, June 30, 2014

Gearless Gears

From all the way across the Yugiverse, the masses have spoken, “Geargiagear must be hit.” 

What, don't you like our plus-one XYZ? 

Fine … we’ve had our fun. Go play your little light monsters while the rest of us gearheads moan the passing of our little card. 

But wait! Maybe we can build it stronger, better, and with even more brazenness. Say hello to Gearless Gears

Before I reveal the list, I should make a few confessions:
  1. The true originator of this deck is DSummon at Dueling Days blog.  I’ve just modified it a bit.
  2. I’m still testing it. While I think it has some promise, it needs more work. 
  3. I kinda like fail videos. 
Gearless Gears is a monster mash deck that focuses on summing large monsters quickly.  We’ll have none of this hiding behind a large trap lineup to pick up the occasional plus-one.  With the exception of COTH, the deck plays no traps.  This strategy can take a lot of opponents by surprise.  Would you side out Wire Tap against Geargias?  Feel free to get flummoxed.   

Eliminating Geargiagear frees us from the tyranny of level three monsters.  This deck is all about Synchro monsters and Rank four XYZs.  I play one lonely Geargiano whose only job is to dig level four monsters out of the graveyard.  
The real catalyst of the deck is Tin Goldfish.  Targets are not a problem since there are 15 other level 4 monsters.  This means easy access to Abyss Dweller, which is not a bad monster in this graveyard activated game. The other tech monster is Ancient Gear Box.  He has more utility in this deck because Strategist is also a target. Hence, the tuner lineup has two Strategists.  Combining Gear Box with GearGigant helps make up for a number of neg-1 special summons. 

The quick access to Strategist means Cyber Dragon increases the availability to level eight synchros.  Colossal Fighter is useful against Sylvans and Stardust against the HAT deck.  Crimson Blader can also put in some work given the shift away from rank 4 XYZ based decks. 

COTH and Iron Call let you play monsters without giving up the battle phase. Mind Control is usually live given the number of tuners that are in the deck.   Lance helps keep Armor on the field when attacked.  The rest are subject to change.  

 Not just a fun deck …
When a doolist says they are playing a “fun deck”, they are usually trying to denigrate your inevitable victory. By fun, they mean an inconsistent deck that can pull off a derpy and often humiliating combination.  This deck is not inconsistent; it is unexpected, which can be an advantage.  For example, deck can quickly grab Cycle Reader and Quarantine cards that cause all sorts of problems for Lightsworns.  Kaiser Coliseum is a real nuisance to the spamalicious strategy.  Finally, Train Signal Red is a searchable Battle Fader, which makes tribute summoning viable.  

 Of course, the deck is trying to turn the stalwart, tank-like Armor into a speed-head.  He’s much more comfortable cranking out cards with a trap wall behind him.  However, his cousin Geargiauger has no such restrictions.  Furthermore, he’s searchable with Ancient Gear Box.  The gears will rise again! Ho

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