Monday, January 19, 2015

Saving the Stars: Extra and Side Deck Choices

Long time readers of this blog may have noticed the recent scarcity of large tournament reports.   Scheduling has been one reason for this hiatus.  Unfortunately, Konami did not consult me before announcing their regional dates.  I also admit to becoming a little disenchanted with the game during the fall.  The newer archetypes power crept their way over our old friends.  All of us were forced to adapt or lose.  Sadly, age has a way of making the former hard and the latter familiar. 

My faith and fortunes have been slowly reversed by the Satellarknights, which is why so much time is dedicated to the archetype.  Though becoming YCS champion is a bit of a stretch, I have gained enough confidence to march proudly into the South Carolina and show them young ‘uns and thing or two. If all goes well, I will take the stars into the second day. 

Last week, I described a more traditional build and a faster “trap-light” build.  My current build is actually an amalgam of both.  This week, I will give my choices for the extra and side deck.      

Extra Deck: Here is the list of cards that I am currently playing
  • Diamond x 1: The card’s title sounds like a “Name Game” reject.  Nevertheless, it’s a Tellar player’s answer to two legs of the golden triangle.  Now, if they would only make one of these things for earth monsters.
  • Triverr x 2: This card is the deck’s lifeguard who says “Everyone out of the pool”.  Given the continued problems with destruction, he’s worth two slots.
  • Delteros x 1: This card’s 2500 attack has always made it an asset to the deck.  The card’s stock has risen with the Diamond revolution.
  • Castel x 2: Double Castel has become rather standard in rank four toolbox decks.  It’s not netdecking – it’s smart.
  • Diamond Dire Wolf x 1: Detaching and tributing itself is a common but rather awful move.  It’s in simply because it has some synergy with Castel. 
  • Ragnazero x 2: My current build focuses on summoning rank four XYZ’s on turn one.  The main reason for doing so is this card’s effectiveness against Qlips.
  • Gandiva x 1: The rationale for this card is similar to Ragnazero, except that it used match-ups against BA and other Tellar players.
  • Excalibur x 1: This cards 4000 attack gives Tellars a fighting chance against Qlipharts.  It’s so important that I have considered running two. 
  • Heartland Draco x 1: This card is taking the place of a second Excalibur.  It gets over Killer and allows Flying “C” to stay on the field. 
  • Abyss Dweller x 1: Shutting down graveyard effects is key against BA.  Often times you only need to do it once.
  • Exciton x 1: Using this card is like making a deal with a loan shark.  You know it will be expensive, but you’re desperate.
  • Cowboy x 1: The 800 burn can keep your opponent from activating Solemn Warning, Skill Drain, or Scout. 
Honorable Mention: Here are cards that didn’t quite make the cut.
  • Cairngorgon, Antiluminescent Knight: Every time a carrier returns one of my monsters, I wish I played this card.  It also gets over Majesty’s Fiend.  Currently, it’s in the side because it can’t get over Dante.  Nevertheless, it’s the closest to getting put back into play.
  • Daiguisto Emeral: The main reason I may add this card back is its ability to recycle XYZ monsters. A second Abyss Dweller could come in handy. However, if I have the time for such a play, I usually don’t need to. 
  • Silent Honor Ark: One day I woke up and realized I never used this card.  It was hard to believe since it has been a stable in my rank four builds since its release.  Slowly but surely, the little musketeer has defeated the .. uh … whatever it is.
  • Starliege Paladynamo: Why did I take this out?  This is a good card but other cards do slightly more.  For example, Castel is probably a better choice.   
  • Constellar Omega: The trend towards fewer traps has made this card less useful. More importantly, it loses to Dante each time.
  • Bujintei Tsukuyomi: This is a popular card among Tellar players. It's another that may be back in before the YCS.
  • Rhapsody in Beserk: Very few of the current decks are crippled by removing two cards.  The equipping effect is a nice boost but it means getting at least one other XYZ monster on board.  This has become a difficult task even for Tellars.
  • Crazy Box: This card would have to have a 4000 attack to be viable.   
  • Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon: It’s not bad but I would rather have Excalibur. 
As I have mentioned before, side deck cards work best at three.  However, making such a side deck can be a challenge. Here’s my version of the perfect side deck.

Side Deck: Here are the cards I am currently playing:
  • De-Fusion x 3: This card gets a boost with the rise of Dark Law. 
  • Shadow Imprisoning Mirror x 3:  This continuous trap fits into the overall strategy of my build. 
  • Mask of Restrict x 3: Just when I thought I got a handle on Qlips, they got better. This card is my latest strategic attempt to slow them down.  Without tributing, the deck becomes mostly an 1800 attack point spam deck.
  • Fairy Wind x 3: This is still the most effective card against Qlipharts.
  • Flying “C” x 3:  As the meta speeds up, hand traps become more valuable.  I think this card is the most useful against the mirror match and BA.
Honorable Mentions
  • Burial from a Different Dimension: I am seriously considering putting this card in for the Hero match-up.  However, it is limited and my odds for drawing into it are too low.
  • Maxx “C”: I have tried both roachs and currently prefer the flying kind. Maxx C is not so effective if you have nothing to draw into that will stop the game.
  • Fire and Ice Hands: This is a popular choice in the OCG.  However, I found that Carrier would simply put it back in your hand. 
  • Spell Shattering: This is a good card and it gets around Night Beam. However, it won’t stop Skill Drain.
  • System Down: By the time you plus off this card, the duel is over.
  • Dark Hole: Most of the meta seems to care little about destruction.
  • Creature Swap: This card was in my side deck for most of the fall and early winter.  I dropped it for E Con when decks put out too many monsters to make the card viable.  Now all I have to do is make sure I don’t play noble knights.
  • Magnum Shield: I still like this card’s ability to add muscle to nearly all of my monsters.  One of these days, I will combine this card with Hidden Armory. 
Slightly less Honorable Mentions:
Forbidden Chalice, Forbidding Lance, Breakthrough Skill, Skill Prisoner, Stygian Dirge, Rivalry, Mind Crush, and others have all been in my side deck for at least a duel or two.  All have their place though I think you will find these to be less helpful. 

In only two more weeks, I will take six other intrepid doolists to the shores of South Carolina.  Report to follow!  

Here is the current list: 
3 Satellarknight Deneb 
3 Satellarknight Altair 
3 Satellarknight Unukalhai
1 Satellarknight Vega
1 Satellarknight Alsahm
1 Satellarknight Rigel
2 Photon Thrasher
2 Honest

3 Reinforcement of the Army
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 Satellar Skybridge
2 Enemy Controller
1 Snatch Steal
1 Foolish Burial
1 Raigeki

3 Stellarnova Alpha
3 Call of the Haunted
2 Oasis
2 Vanity’s Emptiness
2 Skill Prisoner

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  1. Once more stunned by the quality of the article.
    However, a small suggestion of mine is replace fairy wind with 'cursed seal of the forbidden spell'
    It costs a spell card to have effect, but easily puts an end to qliphoth tool.
    Considering eradicator epidemic virus cannot be used in tellarknights, this cards is probably the best answer to tool itself. Consider using 3 in the side.