Monday, May 5, 2014

Fun with Fiends

I’ve always been fond of the “Anti-meta” play style.  Let the lemmings lead the charge over-the-hill and into the void.  I will gladly counter that nonsense.

The prince of the anti-meta world has always been Vanity’s Fiend.  Ever see a Wind-Up player face the Fiend?  Summon Shark and … uh … next game.  However, he has always been a bit egocentric and, quite frankly, vain.  He doesn’t work particularly well in other decks; he’s hard to summon and with 2400 attack, he can’t really get you out of a bind. 

However, Konami has been quietly introducing a series of cards that make this fiend playable.  Let the rest of the Yugioh world focus on war gods, sweet things, and little engines, I'm bringing the fiends.  Here’s my list:

The Big Fiends 
Vanity’s Fiend x 3
Majesty’s Fiend x 3
Caius, the Shadow Monarch x 3
Monster effects cannot be activated

Here are nine of the best fiends in the anti-meta world.  Majesty’s Fiend shuts down all monster effects, field, hand, graveyard, back yard – you name it.  Given the dominance of monster effects in the game today, this card is devastating.  Vanity comes in a close second.  Since its effect is continuous, it is not negated by Majesty. Caius fills out the tribute monster line-up.  Non-destructive, removal from play is a real plus in this Soul Charged game. 

The Little Fiends
Ghostrick Jackfrost x 3
Ghostrick Specter x 2
Ghostrick Lantern x 2
Battle Fader x 3

Battle Fader has always been a Monarch players friend.  Unlike Treeborn Frog, it does not fall to graveyard removal.  It is a Debunk target, but this card has not seen a great deal of play.  The Ghostrick line-up makes the deck playable.  They give the deck enough stall power to get to the big guys.  I am not sure about the ratio of Ghostrick monsters or if the field spell should be played … ahh more testing.

Fiendish Offense
Sinister Yorishiro x 3
Forbidden Lance x 3
Pot of Duality x 3
Seal of Orichalcos x 1
Solidarity x 2

Level 5 or higher Fiends can be summoned without tribute
Sinister Yorishiro is an under-the-radar TCG exclusive.  The card allows you to normal (not special) one level five or higher fiend.  You can also send the card off to protect a fiend.  Why aren’t more people talking about this card?  The lances serve two purposes.  They protect the fiends on summon making them vulnerable only to Solemn Warning (since Black Horn can’t stop them).  They also allow the fiends to get over a 3,000 point monster.  Solidarity and Orichalcos also add to their attack and help them overcome their decided lack of fire power.  Pot of Duality is maxed out because the deck only special summons on the opponents turn.

Fiendish Defense
Kaiser Colosseum x 3
Dark Hole x 1
Dimensional Prison x 2
Bottomless Trap Hole x 1
Compulsory Evacuation Device x 1
Torrential Tribute x 1

Kaiser Colosseum works particularly well in the deck.  The tricky ghosts have a way of keeping at least one of their members on the field throughout the phases of the game.  With the exception of Bujins, most deck don’t play the one monster game well. 

Dark Hole and Torrential are the mass destruction cards that can get you out of a jam.  If these cards are played with a protected Majesty’s Fiend, your opponent’s cards will traipse off to the graveyard with only a whimper.  D Prison and BTH add to the removal anti-Soul Charge theme of the deck.

Mo help on the side
Brain Golem x 3
End of Anubis x 3
Creature Swap x 3
Royal Decree x 3

The deck has some troublesome matchups.  Harpies and Skill Drain decks come to mind.  You may need to alter this side deck if those decks are more common.  Brain Golem is a fun, often ignored fiend that will cause problems for Bujins and Noble Knights.  The End of Anubis can spell the end of Sylvans and other decks that rely on graveyard effects. 

There are variants of this deck that are worthy of consideration.  The chaos version is my favorite.  This deck uses Mystic Piper (3), Kinka-Byo (1), and Thunder King (1). If you add your three Majesty’s Fiends, you have seven light monsters.  You can’t use Solidarity, but you can bring out the king – Black Luster Soldier. 

Unfortunately, Majesty’s Fiend will be released as a secret rare.  This may mean the card will be a bit over-valued when it first arrives.   If you see ‘em this weekend, hold on tight.  The fiends are coming.


  1. This is a really cool deck! I'll have to try it out sometime

  2. Thanks - I'm always up for suggestions and improvements

    1. You should definitely try out Return of the Monarchs if you're looking for a good way to consistently access the big guys. It and Caius do both conflict with Yorishiro though, which sucks. I felt like three Specter clogged a lot and started using two, but that might just be me. Also, definitely try out Tragoedia. He's good since the Ghostricks let you keep a healthy hand size, and Yorishiro lets you summon him for free which is hilarious.

    2. I agree with reducing Specter to two. You're right that Caius doesn't get to remove if it is brought out with Yorshiro. I have to try out Return. I am also testing a version with Mystic Piper and BLS. Removal without destruction is going to be a thing this meta. The Pipertricks engine works great with Trag. I've had 6 cards in my hand ... and Trag's LP effect is continuous so it is not affected by Majesty.