Monday, August 11, 2014

Sneaking for a New Partner

… and they’re off!

Feeding on the pent-up demand from months of virtual play, doolists anxiously scooped up cards at this weekend’s sneak peek.  Most of our intrepid brethren knew exactly what they wanted.  They would not be lured away by the odd dragon in their quest to fill their playsets.  It mattered little that no one could pronounce Unukalha or that TCG translations were all but unrecognizable.  They were ready to spurn their HATs and CATS for dolls and knights. 

However, some of us were not so single-minded. Quite frankly, my time with Geargias has been so enjoyable that I did not want to sequester them in a binder.  Of course, I knew about the new archetypes; I just wasn’t ready to make a commitment.  As a result, yesterday’s sneak peek felt like a speed dating event.  

“Hello, I’m a Samsara … I like bringing monsters back from the grave…”

I was hoping to pull a card that would push me to playing Shaddolls or Satellarknights.  As it turned out, I pulled Castel.  While it’s one of the best cards in the set, he’s not helping me decide between the two dominant archetypes. So I turned to the next best indicator … money.

The table below lists the commonly played cards in both Shaddolls and Satellarknights.  These are sample lists gleaned from the OCG and are not meant to be definitive deck lists.  The cost for each card is listed in the column to the right.  These prices were determined by the current price on Ebay.  I should quickly point out that these prices are likely to drop in the near future as the hype dissipates a bit.  These lulls in the market are rather predictable but not stable.  Many cards will begin to escalate within weeks of their release.  

I should also point out that the premium price for Shaddolls is probably deserved.  This deck has more viability in the coming Qliphoth storm.  That said, the Satellarknight deck is pretty strong.  A friend of mine finished second with this deck despite missing several of the cards scheduled for later release.  Besides, the Geargias have provided me with a nice stable of rank 4 XYZ monsters.  And now I have Castel who can step into the place of the retiring Geargigant X.  

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