Monday, August 18, 2014

Summon the Heroes

So campers, can Heroes have an impact on the current meta?  I’m not interested in some virtual, OCG-defined diversion.  I’m talking about a game with real TCG cards played against real TCG people.  In other words, can our Heroes overcome all that the Duelist Alliance will throw our way?

Before answering the question, one has to get past all the whining about the imprisonment of Stratos and the delayed arrival of the structure deck.  There is little to be gained by wishing for cards that don’t exist in a language that can be read by most of the people on this continent.  Take it from someone who waited nine months for Tin Goldfish only to have their precious gadgets blown off the tables by the Droolers.   Real men don’t play proxies. 

The Heroic Anti-Meta
I believe Heroes can be a force with the currently available card pool.  To do so, the deck will have to overcome the Shaddolls.  Soon the card formerly known as Midrash will slow special summoning to a crawl.  This dark deck has the capability of neutering Satellarknights, Gears, Sylvans, and even the ever-invincible Infernities.  However, this restriction means little to Hero players.  All it takes is one well played Miracle Fusion to turn the duel around. 

So with an anti-meta mindset, here is my deck list:

Monsters: Alius x 3, Bubbleman x 2, Photon Thrasher x 2, Evocator Chevalier* x 1, Fire Hand x 2, Ice Hand x 2, Kuribandit x 2

Spells: Miracle Fusion x 3, E Call x 2, ROTA x 2, Pot of Duality x 3, Gemini Spark x 3, Dark Hole x 1, Forbidden Chalice x 2, Forbidden Lance x 2

Traps: Solemn Warning x 1, CED x 1, Skill Drain x 3, Summon Limit x 3

Extra Deck: Shining x 2, Abs Zero x 2, Escuridao x 1, Nova Master x 2, Gaia x 1, Exciton x 1, Ark x 1, Abyss x 1, Castel x 1, Emeral x 1, Black Ship x 1, Crazy Box x 1 

Side Deck: DD Warrior Lady x 1, Maxx C x 3, MST x 3, Super Poly x 2, Parallel World x 2, M Cosmos x 1, D Fissure x 1, Dark Bribe x 2

The real ace of the deck is Skill Drain.  This card shuts down so many mainstream decks that its unrestricted status seems like a cooperate oversight. Pay 1,000 LP and watch your opponent weep.  Furthermore, most other Skill Drain decks are a thing of the past. The one exception may be Dark World, but Hero players have a way around that deck as well. 

Summon Limit is the second best anti-meta tech. In many ways, this is the trap version of Winda.  I like it’s stability compared to Vanity’s Emptiness.  While it is dead against Shaddoll’s, it is quite live against the rest of the spam-happy meta. 

A Little Help from Dragons of Legend
Search cards mean a great deal to Hero players as evidenced by the nostalgia for Stratos and yearning for Shadow Mist.  Drawing the right spell can mean the difference in winning or losing.  Part of the consistency problem is overcome with triple Pot of Duality.  However, I really like Kuribandit in this deck.  The little fur ball can get you to Miracle Fusion, Skill Drain, or Gemini Spark. 

Ice and Fire Hand are also nice adjuncts.  These cards can set up a wall of sorts and let you draw into your bigger plays.  They are also unaffected by Skill Drain and serve as materials for Nova and Absolute Zero. 

Flexible Side Deck
While Skill Drain is great for the field, it does little for the host of cards that activate in the graveyard.  Once again, Heroes demonstrate unparalleled flexibility.  After siding out Fire and Ice Hands, one can play D Fissure, M Cosmos, and Parallel World Fusion.  I do keep Kuribandit in so that I can get to D Fissure and M Cosmos.  

Then there’s Super Poly!  I don’t main it because the cost is rather high.  However, the card is a great out to problem monsters.  More importantly, it doesn’t destroy the opponent’s monster and it is a downright an indefensible play.

The only unusual side deck card is Dark Bribe.  The last time this card saw light outside my binder was with my Malefics.  Usually, I really don’t like giving up advantage.  That said, spell cards are becoming much more common.  Not only do we have Shaddoll Fusion but we also have The Monarchs Storm Forth and Artifact Ignition.  While stopping traps has become commonplace, stopping spells remains problematic.  The card also can protect Skill Drain from MST.  So it’s back in the side deck.

Here's to the Heroes! 

 * I could be talked into dropping Evocator and a Spark for two Barbarros

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