Monday, October 20, 2014

Tellar Tech

Sometime in the past three weeks, I went to bed playing a meta deck like Satellarknights and woke up playing an anti-meta deck like Satellarknights.  Evidently, the stars have fallen leaving little but a burning abyss. 

Despite the loss of prestige, power, and pennies, I decided to stick with my wayward knights. Maybe I was only one tech card away from Satellar Supremacy?  

I began by searching for all cards with the term “warrior” in the description.  This strategy yielded 216 cards, most of which were pretty bad. However, Magnum Shield, the 131st card, did catch my attention.  This is an equip spell card that boosts the attack of a warrior monster by its defense.  

For the most part, equip spell cards are like marshmallow Peeps. As a kid, you love ‘em; but, the taste wears a little thin when you’re an adult.  Noob doolists love to boost their cards with extra attack. However, they do it by giving up card advantage.  Spot removal of your monster and you are down two cards to their one.  

That said, there is reason to consider this card.  First of all, the attack boost can be substantial as the table to the right suggests.  All of the normal summoned Tellar knights get over Winda and two of them can bring down Construct.  Furthermore, it forces Shaddoll players to use materials from their field or hand.  Likewise, Burning Abyss players can struggle against big monsters.  They will be forced to use a Monarch effect to get rid of the card.

The card should be used judiciously, which is why I wouldn’t play more than two.  Early in the match, you can force an opponent to burn a MST, which may preserve your Call of the Haunted plays.  Late in the game, it can give you a quick and unexpected OTK.  For example, this weekend I was paired with a Frognarch player who seemed a little too eager to let me attack into an open field.  Knowing that he had Gorz in hand, I attacked with Excalibur at 6,000 points for game.

Those of you who are still playing Satellarknights know it’s an uphill battle.   It’s unfortunate because this deck would certainly have been considered a tier one deck if it was released a year or two ago.  Nevertheless, it’s still a good deck and one that is quickly becoming affordable.  So here’s to all of you who are still looking to the stars.  
This weekend's build - a little burn with a little control.

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