Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tier Rankings for 178 Yugioh Archetypes

Over the past year, no deck has garnered more than 30 – 40% of the regional tops.  We lived in the “Days of Diversity”. Unfortunately, those days have ended in a Burning Abyss.  

The Burning Abyss deck will remain dominant because of its effect on trap cards. In the ole days, trap cards made you pay for good effects.  The payment or cost usually meant losing a card.  Burning Abyss completely changes this accounting by turning the cost into a benefit.  Who would ever consider playing 3 Phoenix Wing and 3 Karma Cut? Abyss players have no problem with such cards.  As a result, they will find themselves on top of the Yugiheap. 

The table below gives my hierarchy for all of the underlying archetypes.  I present this ranking with my tongue thoroughly in my cheek recognizing that there is a degree of arbitrariness.   Nevertheless, this listing is my way of standing up for all of the forgotten archetypes. 

The larger number to the left is their predicted rank; the smaller number to the right is their former rank.  I’ve done my best to represent all the archetypes even though that very designation is somewhat artificial.   

Here are some of the assumptions I used to form this list
Rank four toolbox decks get demoted.  Decks like Geargia, Madolche, and Satellarknights all lose to Shaddolls.  These decks either leave their level four monster on the field or give the Shaddoll player a live fusion card.  Neither play is good. 

Glow-up Bulb will help a handful of decks.  The little green bulb single-handedly keeps Sylvans on the top tier by giving them level eight synchro plays.  Karakuris may also get a boost because of their easier access to Beast. 

ROTA’s impact will be minor. Bujin’s and Noble Knights could get a minor boost.  I suspect other decks with warriors will probably play the card at two. 

Limiting Superpoly limits but does not kill Shaddolls.  If you’re looking for death by F & L, look at Infernities.


  1. hi I enjoyed your list a lot. I was wondering though, as harpie are my first deck I was surprised to still see it so high on the list. is that because its do to favoritism or is there a build that can have them hold there own against the best?

  2. Harpies are probably too high. I've been playing a Harpie/Ninja/Simorgh variant. They were put there for the following reasons: (1) Anti-Spell Fragrance works will in Simorgh variants and is effective against Qlipoths; (2) Hunting Ground destroys cards in the pendulum zone; (3) Simorgh keeps Shaddolls from setting cards and forces them to discard for Shaddoll Fusion.

    I found that the deck can do quite well against Shaddolls and reasonably well against Burning Abyss. I got creamed by other meta decks.

    Of course - there's favoritism. While I do circulate my list to a bunch of friends, it's not particularly scientific. It's just my way of reminding Konami that WE HAVE A LOT OF LONELY ARCHETYPES THAT COULD USE SOME SUPPORT.

    Hopefully, the Konami folks will read this.

  3. fableds need to be raised to above teir 30. I have a triple quasar deck with red nova as a secondary synch and it has consistently gotten me on or the other.

    1. I wouldn't disagree - one of the reasons that I make this list is to elicit comments like yours. I would love to see your build.

    2. Why are 3 Meklord Emperors separated as Individual decks?

  4. Honestly, I can see Gravekeeper's in the Tier 1-2 category, rather than the Tier 2-3 category. There's a lot of decks that are above it that it can easily beat with the right setup (zombie, inzektor, blackwing, etc.)

  5. fire fist harpies yang zing toons and evolsaurs are too high
    battlin boxers gravekeepers vampires and meklords are too low
    pretty solud list though