Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Generic Gems: Legacy of the Valiant

Legacy of the Valiant continues the Konami strategy of focusing on archetypes.  The generic cards in this set come across as after-thoughts. Still, it's worth taking a look.  

For those keeping score at home, my "Buy it" recommendations on the last set would have cost you $82.20.  Buying those cards today would cost $145.94.

Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree - $0.47, Buy It
·        There are 16 level 10 Synchro monsters and none are as easy to summon as Leo.  Though a 3100 point attack is reasonably beefy, he is actually weaker than all the level 10 monsters.  His effect won’t keep him out of trouble and the extra-deck is pretty tight. Still, he seems worth throwing a couple of quarters.

 Onomatopaira - $0.22, Leave it
·        Remember that aunt who used to pinch your baby brother on the cheek and mumble incoherently?  and how’s my little zu bu ba ba”.  This card is saccharin cute.  Though it’s a plus 1 spell card, it can only be used by awful decks.  This card won’t save them, so save your money.   

Oath of Companionship - $0.20, Buy it
·        Taking control of your opponent’s monster is always a good thing.  Though the conditions are somewhat restrictive, they are not inordinately so.  Monarchs, Malefics, and Sylvans can all do a great deal of damage without relying on the extra deck.  I like this card better than Enemy Controller.  A play set for less than a dollar? I’ll take it.

Shared Ride -$15.00, Pull It
·        Shared Ride is a good card that is close to being fairly priced.  I would certainly grab a set if the price drops into the single digits.  Against most decks, this is a 1-1. However, it has real promise against Spellbooks and Madolches.  Though Spellbooks may wane a bit, Madolches will be a power after the next set. 

The First Monarch - $4.92, Leave It
·        I’m not a fan of the new Monarch support.  I just don’t see how they will keep up with the herpy-derpy top tier.  Besides, the frog engine is likely more consistent.  Though I love Caius and friends, I’m steering clear of this card and the Mega Monarchs.

Skill Prisoner - $5.00, Buy It
·         Quick quiz: Compare and contrast the effects of Effect Veiler, Skill Prisoner, Breakthrough Skill, and Skill Drain.  Uh-huh, it can get a bit complicated.  The real advantage of this card is its ability to be used twice.  I bought a pair for $10 with hopes of pulling a third.

Powered Inzektron, $1.12, Pull it
·         Let’s see, a TCG exclusive that’s a light machine brought out before the Cyber Dragon structure deck? Hmmm … coincidence?  I think not.  Inzektron would have been more desirable if he came out during the dearth of the level 6 synchros. However, we have amassed a reasonable collection of these cards.  I do think he has a place in machine decks; Limiter Removal for 5,000 attack and he stays on the field?  Not bad. 

Number 101: Silent Honor ARK, $50.00, Pull it
·        This card will probably rise in value making it worthwhile to a handful of hardy players.  However, most of us are a little squeamish about paying so much for a small piece of cardboard.  I suspect this card will be coming to a tin near you.  In the meantime, hold it if you got it – it’s a great little card.

Evilswarm Exciton Knight, $88.00, Pull it
·        Remember how much Steelswarm was when he first came out? You can get that little roach for about $7.00.  It’s hard to see Exciton lose the same amount of value, even if he is reprinted.  Personally, I wish Konami would make this card available to everyone or no one.  The two tier system must drive some people away from this game.  Unlike Silent Honor, I do believe the card will come down a bit.  I would consider buying it if it hit the $50 mark. 

Downerd Magician, $14.00, Buy It
·        This card is saved by her ability to use rank three monsters as materials.  In addition to Spellbooks, she’s a natural fit in Ghostricks.  With two materials, she also becomes fodder for Eradicator Virus.  Though $14.00 is not cheap, I do not see her price coming down a great deal.  Fortunately, one is probably enough.

I will be traveling to Haiti over the next 10 days to support some of the doctors there.  There will be no shortage of challenges though staring down a row of Fire Fist monsters will not be one of them.  I'm sure I will be itching for a game when I get back. 

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