Monday, February 3, 2014

If Football was Yugioh ...

A weekend at YCS Atlanta forced many of us to miss the big game.  As it turns out, we didn’t miss much.  Nevertheless, listening to the game on the ride back inspired our car pool to compare football and Yugioh.  Sure, the NFL has elite athletes … and Yugioh, not so much.  Still, both are competitive events that often pit large young men against each other.  Here’s how we imagined the Super Bowl would be played if it was more like a YCS

The Broncos would have scooped at half-time and said “Game 2?”

The Broncos would have played Rekindling and special summoned another 11 players on to the field.

The Broncos would have overlayed two players and summoned Exciton Knight to blow away the Seahawks. 

The Broncos would have sided-in Poisonous Winds

The Seahawks would go home worrying if Malcolm Smith would appear on the next banlist

The Seahawks would have said “GG …. and enjoy the Win-A-Mat”

I'll post my thoughts and experiences on YCS Atlanta later this week.

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