Friday, March 7, 2014

Cyber Gears

Do you like big monsters?  I mean earth-moving, foe-pounding, life point-devouring monsters.  You think Blaster’s something with his Klinefelter-kicking 2800?  How ‘bout 11,200 attack points for a monster that can attack twice.  It’s enough power to knock your opponent into the last format.  

The Cyber Dragons can generate this kind of awesome monster.  That 11,200 attack monster is the result of Power Bond + Limiter Removal + 2 Cyber Dragons.  However, with great power comes great inconsistency. 

Cyber Problems
The deck’s biggest problem is that it bleeds card advantage.  Cyber Twin Dragon is a minus 2 and Cyber End Dragon is a minus 3 without adding Limiter or Lance.  The monster may be impressive but you have likely done so by committing most of your resources.  One Mirror Force, one Swift Scarecrow, or one Magic Cylinder can really salt up your day.  Do you know what the attack points are of a Chimeratech Fortress Dragon after it gets Effect Veilered?  0 – it's not pretty. 

This card economy means the deck does not rebound well.  The newer cards do add to card advantage, but it’s not particularly quick. In many ways, the Cyber Dragons are like large cannons that produce a powerful shot but then have to take a lot of time to reload. Aim well, my fellow doolists, you may only get one shot.

Cyber Fix?
Large monsters have a way of getting your opponent to misplay.  Creating this kind of angst may be reason enough to try them. However, I think the real advantage to this deck is playing DNA Surgery and fusing for Chimeratech Fortress Dragon (CFD).  This play is essentially unstoppable with the exception of targeting DNA Surgery.  CFD may get Solemned Warning but your opponents monsters are still going away.  They’re not destroyed or removed – they’re just gone.  
 The most popular means of increasing the consistency of the deck is to add the “turbo” cards (Upstarts, Reckless Greeds, etc).  However, I still think this leads to a lot of dead hands.  Instead, I’ve opted for the Geargia way*.

Cyber Gears 1.0
Cyber Dragon x 3
Cyber Dragon Core x 3
Cyber Dragon Drei x 3
Geargiarmor x 3
Geargiaccelerator x 3
Geargiarsenal x 2
Swift Scarecrow x 1

Power Bond x 2
Forbidden Lance x 3
Magical Planter x 2
Shard of Greed x 2
Cyber Repair Plant x 1

Fiendish Chain x 3
Cyber Network x 1
DNA Surgery x 3
Call of the Haunted x 2
Safe Zone x 2

Card Choices
The soul of the deck is Geargigant not Cyber Dragon. The Geargia engine gives you very quick access to Geargigant X.  If all goes well, you will have a Cyber Dragon Core in your hand and a means of making all of the Cyber cards live. 

Try a draw engine that pluses. This deck has 11 continuous traps so Magic Planter is live more than 85% of the time.  Sending Cyber Network or Safe Zone can add to your card advantage.  Shards are a plus 1 or bait for MST.  DNA surgery will draw an unused MST in a heartbeat.  Let them use it on a Shard instead. 

Some players may not like relying on such slow cards.  However, the deck has ways of dealing with monster attacks.  Cyber Network, Safe Zone, and Swift Scarecrow can all preserve the field as you are preparing your cannon.

The time is not right of Machine Dupe.  The hot play for this deck is to activate Machine Duplication on a Cyber Core Dragon. Since the monster is “Cyber Dragon”, you can summon two Cyber Dragons from your deck.  The problem is that most decks do not run enough targets to make Machine Dupe consistent.  You can try Cyber Valley but current card effects give players too many ways to get around it.  Cyber Kyrin is cute means of getting past the effect damage of Power Bond; but, it is even worse as a stand-alone card. 

That said, I wouldn’t trade my Machine Duplications just yet.  Geargiauger is dupable and that will add to the speed and consistency of the deck.  In fact, Auger and Cybernetic Fusion Support could give this deck some real presence.  

 So, is this a good Cyber deck or simply a bad Geargia deck?   I'll let you know where the testing takes me. 

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