Friday, March 21, 2014

The April 2014 Forbidden & Limited List EXPLAINED!

Ever wonder how Konami makes decisions about the forbidden and limited list?  Wonder no more – all is revealed below.

1. Most decks are not degenerate … there also not that good.  Say hello to all the decks from Gagagas to Gadgets.
2. Here lie the ruined dreams of Gishki OTK, Self-Destruct Button, and Final Countdown. We can now welcome Jackpot 7.
3. No one can touch Exodia!             
4. Now Mermails and Fire Fists can join Dragon Rulers and Wind-Ups.  Our apologies to Lavals, they were just caught in the cross-fire aimed at the uppity Fire Kings. The Infernities are also here.  It was an honest mistake. No one really believed releasing Barrier would make that much difference.
5. Bujins have a little more time.
6. Do you want to know why Geargias and Madolches were left untouched?  Look at the next set of cards.  Their descent to #4 is coming.
7. What is the most important characteristic of a Yugioh card? The answer is the ability to take money out of your wallet.
8. Iconic cards get old players back in the game.  This is why Malicious and BLS came back and BOM remains at one.
9. Hmmm … a Hero structure deck is coming out … and Stratos is pretty iconic.  Buck-up Heroites , your favorite monster may be coming back after all.

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