Friday, March 28, 2014

Predictions for All Yugioh Archetypes in the April 2014 Meta

Once again, I will attempt to predict the performance of all 168 Yugioh archetypes in the next meta. This list takes skill, insight, and above all, the belief that no one will really check to see if the Ally of Justice will outperform the Arcana Force.  

The changes wrought by the F&L list are rather meager.  Though Fire Fist players will bemoan the Wolfbark limitations, the deck will remain a dominant presence.  Mermails are also affected but you will see them at major tournaments.  Commentators, including myself, often overestimate the impact these changes.  

The real challenge of these predictions is guessing the cards that will be released in the next three months.  I have yet to see a complete list for either Dragons of Legacy or Primal Origins.  The latter, for example, totes support for 37 archetypes.  The impact of future cards can already be seen in the OCG.  The Chronomaly’s have tremendous potential if they can get their precious disk. 
With those caveats, here are my predictions:

1. The meta will remain diverse.  I was a bit hesitant to predict a diverse meta in December.  It appears that diversity is the new normal.

2. Bujins, Gears, and Maldoches will have their moment to shine. Don’t think of the future little decks, just enjoy what you have now.  

3. Sylvans are looking to be the new bully on the block.  The Mermails got me to hate the phrase “Pitch to Summon”.  Soon I will learn to hate the term “excavate”.

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